Max Bekink

Freelancer / Filmographer


  • 2015-2018

    Bachelor Programme

    University of Groningen

    Currently studying International Business

  • 2015

    Atheneum Degree

    Kamerlingh Onnes College

    Finished Atheneum programme in Groningen

  • 2015


    Dutch Association For Examination

    Elementary Bookkeeping





  • 2013-NOW


    CEO and Filmographer

    MaxBeMedia was founded to provide Max' services to his customers in a more formal way. MaxBeMedia provides professional video production services, simple DJ equipment and photography services.

  • 2012-2013


    Co-Founder and Camera Specialist

    CamRent was a firm which major objective was to provide and advice professional video equipment in the Netherlands' north market.

  • 2009-2010

    Oog TV

    Camera operator and Editor

    Oog TV is a local television station, which hosted a Youth Production Crew initiative until 2010. The initiative offered ambitious youths a professional work environment and formal feedback to improve their skills.

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A few highlights of my work. Check out one of the projects I have presented here to get an impression of my field of work.


Video Production

Producing videos is my core business. This has been my potential market for a while now, which allowed me to perform hobby and business as one. Over the years, video production has become my most developed skill.


A good eye for composition is essential for working with video as well as photography. My years of experience in operating cameras, also covers the creation of photographs.

Advice & Support

Every individual has its own experience. Experience is knowledge. If you want to know something, want to share knowledge, present some ideas ... i'll be glad to hear from you! My knowledge is mainly regarding video production and DJ facilities, but also basic organizational knowledge is involved.

Dj Facilitation

Due to my hobby over the years, I have collected some basic DJ equipment. This is basically a pioneer DJ-table, speakers for up to 100 persons and some basic lightning. Any ideas? Need some equipment for a party? I'm in!


Years in Business






Max' workflow was very fluently. The video production resulted into a product fully according to our wishes! My ideas were correctly interpreted and have been perfectly translated into the video. Furthermore, the final product was delivered far before the deadline! His service is not to be missed!

Maarten Huls, Reitdiep College - BSM Video

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  • +3150 744 00 33

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